Dhirubhai ambani horoscope chart

It is noteworthy that the yoga causing planets viz. Moon and Jupiter are placed in the ascendant and the house of profession respectively. This gives further strength to this yoga and raised the financial and social status of the native through his professional excellence 10th house and personal enterprise 1st house. This yoga is further crowned by the fact that it is also formed in the navamsha chart involving the house of profession 10th and the house of trading and administration 7th.

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This is most auspicious occurrence and favoured him a lot. Mars is also the lord of the constellation of the 7th house cusp. Such auspicious Mars gave Dhirubhai a sharp and trade-efficient intellect. Sun is in 6th house in the star of Ketu who also occupies the 6th house. Moon is in the 2nd house in the star of Ketu who occupies the 6th house. Mercury is in the 6th house in the star of Venus who is also in 6th. Jupiter is in the star of Sun who occupies 6th.

Dhirubhai ambani horoscope chart

Venus is in the 6th house in the star of Ketu who occupies the same house. Saturn is in the star of Mercury who occupies 6th.

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Ketu is in the star of Sun in 6th. Rahu is in the star of Jupiter who occupies 10th. There are two more noticeable combinations in Mukesh's chart. The 9th house indicates father.

Astrological Analysis About Anil Dhirubhai Ambani

The 10th house from 9th indicates the profession of the father. And what is that house? It is again 6th house. This shows a business that has been inherited. He has the big picture in any situation - the entire perspective on a situation or issue. The person is very interested in learning new things and constantly refreshing his knowledge.

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He can be a successful mantri, advisor and a teacher. On the negative side, this person makes one over optimistic. The person has difficulty being grounded and may seem disinterested in many activities. The person may miss many opportunities by being lazy and lethargic and lack a backup plan. This combination may give legal problems as well. On health front, this position of Jupiter causes obesity and related disorders.

Vedic Astrology: SRI DHIRUBHAI AMBANI - Horoscope for Wealth aspects

Venus in Aries Mars is neutral to Venus and hence Venus is neither strong nor weak when located in this sign. The person loves adventures and sports. They are spontaneous and make charming partners. Such people act in haste in matters of heart. They are infatuated easily and fall in and out of love very easily. On a negative side, they may not be averse to using their charm on others for their own benefits.

On the health front, they need to be careful with diseases of sexual organs. They are also prone to acne and spots on the face. Saturn in Scorpio Saturn is in enemy sign in Scorpio and hence the good results that it gives in terms of discipline, focus and efficiency are muted down. The person is still very hardworking. He would work in areas of research, mechanical or construction engineering or even defense. On the negative side, the person is frustrated as hard work does not yield results.

He is not treated well in society. On the health front, there is a propensity to get wounded through metals. Frustration may lead to clinical depression. Bones and muscles may become weak over time and lead to joint pain and arthritis in old aga. Such a person will have keen interest in and love towards all things foreign and will benefit from their association. Such persons usually prosper after marriage.

Anil Ambani's Planetary Position

Libra is sign number 7 and this combination can indicate inter-caste and inter-religion marriages. The person is adept in dealing with his business partners. On the negative side, this may indicate perversion. These persons can deceive others and be dishonest. The persons may have abnormality in sexual organs and kidneys. Ketu in Aries Ketu in Aries denotes quick actions.

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Such a person is shrewd and can change the course of thinking very quickly. This combination makes a person adaptable and this is an extremely useful trait in case of adversity. Such is person is quite easily distressed.

Astrological Highlights of Shri Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Solar Horoscope

There are a lot of changes and interruptions in life and surprises keep springing up.